The Singer Who Sings Songs For The Soul
Kenneith Perrin is an eclectic singer/songwriter/entertainer who first hit radio airwaves with his debut CD, "It Took So Long". Kenneith is best known for his inspirational pop/soul styles and delivering passionate high energy live shows. 

The charismatic entertainer, from Augusta, Georgia, grew up singing in churches, local music groups, and musical theater productions throughout his school and college years. Music is part of Kenneith's DNA. His father, Willie Joseph Perrin, Jr. is a renowned and respected bass and electric guitar player, while his mother, Kathryn Perrin is a lyricist and natural pianist. Kenneith's musical influences steep heavily into new wave; r&b; gospel; dance; and traditional pop ballads. After successfully earning a law degree, Kenneith switched gears and decided to dedicate his life to his passions: singing, songwriting, and entertaining. 

"I'm blessed to be where I am today. While I value all of my life experiences, I feel that music is the best creative expression that I can offer the world. Jesus calls us to use our gifts. My desire is to use music as a vehicle for changing lives for the better. 

Since he answered the entertainment call, Kenneith has been fortunate to perform all over the world, including the Czech Republic; Cayman Islands; Germany; and United States. Within the U.S.,  performance venues have included: Hollywood's House of Blues in Hollywood, California; Vinyl Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia; The Sunsphere in Knoxville, Tennessee and American Veterans Home in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Along with unique genre-based projects and a new album entitled, "Blind Oblivion", all on the horizon, 2021 promises to be a year of new music; exciting touring adventures; and an expansion of creative expression.  

When not performing music, you can often find Kenneith using his entertainment skills as an actor for cable's Reelz Channel; syndicated television; and independent films; He is also currently putting the finishing touches on his new entertainment blog, which is aimed at encouraging others to use their God-given gifts.

As he continues to build a strong presence on Spotify and other compatible online music sharing platforms, Kenneith is rapidly expanding his music to gain new listeners by entertaining at corporate events; weddings; birthday parties; churches; civic clubs; well-renowned music clubs; festivals; concert halls; homeless shelters; and coffee houses. There are no limits as to where he is willing to share his music.

Get inspired and be encouraged! Join Kenneith, in his journey, as he continues to move forward in faith with these words etched in his heart: "I can do all things through Christ, who strengths me"- Phil 4:13