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We Can Forgive (Radio Edit)

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A song about forgiving others as well as yourself.
(Mark 11:25)
Released January 16, 2018
Lyrics & Music: Kenneith Perrin
Co-produced by Kenneith Perrin & Thomas Ferrell
(c) 2017, Blind Oblivion Songs, ASCAP;
Courtesy of Pnuematic Records, (p) 2018


Lyrics & Music: Kenneith Perrin © 2016 (Blind Oblivion Songs, ASCAP)

Verse One:
It’s been a long road
We’ve been traveling on
We’ve grown weary
From holding on
To the pain and the hurt
Buried deep down inside
Need to wash it all away
Get rid of our pride
So I say

I forgive you AND
You forgive me AND
We forgive each other over again
And we start to live
Didn’t understand
What we had in hand
Lay aside every weight
We can forgive

Verse Two:
How many times
Must we argue and fight
The distant silence
Echoing through the night
Healing ain’t easy
But it’s not hard to find
Hearts may be broken
But they do mend in time.
So I say

I don’t wanna hear you say I can’t do it
(That is a lie)
You don’t wanna hear me say we can’t make it

Chorus 2x