50 States With A Double Cali Spotlight

Here it is folks! The first set of dates for my first national tour. 👍🔥🤩 I’ll be posting changes and additions daily. I’m really grateful to the Lord to be able to do this. After so many starts and stops two years ago, things have finally come together. My Big 3Ps in all this have been Prayer- Persistence-& Patience. And believe me, I’ve had my rounds with each of those, so I post this today to encourage any artist or creator to follow your passion no matter what. *************

What I love most about this tour is that there is an eclectic blend of all types of venues. 50 States. With a double spotlight on California (place I now call my second home). Large. Small. Mid-size. Services. Clubs. Parks. Conferences. You name it. I’ll be there. Who knows? I may even show up in your own backyard and put on a show for you 😉🤣 You never know right?? **************

What’s also a huge blessing is I’ll be working with very talented musicians & fellow collaborating artists along the way. I’m looking forward to sharing my faith; life experiences; and good times with all of you through music, dance, & storytelling. Originals. Unreleased tracks. Newly recorded ones. Classic covers. And everything else in between. It’s a KP Party! After all, it’s the Quantum Leap Tour. You can be anywhere at anytime and something amazing will happen!! ************